Friday Feast - Downtown St. Paul Food Trucks

Craig Deuth - Friday, September 02, 2011

Welcome everyone to our first Friday Feast where we give our take on whats new, popular and trendy in the world of culinary excellence, or whatever we may be hungry for that particular day. Every Friday we will give our undoubtedly well respected opinion on what to eat in, at or around a particular face filling location. Feel free to give us suggestions because as I do know everything about encased meats, I do not pretend, very well, to know all the great gastro-shrines out there.

This week we decided to grace the food trucks in St. Paul with our presence. They are located outside the courthouse, on Wednesdays, on Kellogg. As excited as I was to order food out of a truck, this was not a first for I grew up on the West Side of St. Paul (Taco Truck :). It seems this is a popular day not only for the well dressed corporate folk but for the croc wearing cut-off short peeps as well.
Enjoy everyone and see you next week.

Gastro Truck
I had high expectations for these sliders, which contained pork belly, bacon and porter ale mustard, because of the the high swine content. I mean how can't you love a sandwich which tries to shove as much porky goodness into a hand sized gastro-bite. After a few bites, I was unambiguously disappointed for all I could taste was bun and tomato. I do give them 3 out of 5 forks for effort though. Anyone who tries to serve something as dope as pork with more pork gets my applauds.

Smoked Wings-
For all you meat smokin fans, lets keep it clean guys, these wings were great. If you are a coors light fan these wings were heavy on smoke flavor with some slight heat at the end. For all you wine drinkin folk...these wings had smoke aromas of hickory that were clean on the palate and brought together nicely at the end with honey chili glaze that lingered on the palate. I would give these wings a solid 4 out of 5 forks. I would order these again.

Magic Bus Cafe
Iko Iko Muffaletta Dog-
This bus served nothing but hot dogs so you could imagine my excessive zeal. When I asked, "what is your favorite dog" I was immediately directed to the special which was a dog with chopped olives, giardiniera, and oregano. Me being an equal opportunity hot dog eater, I jumped at it. Now, before I go further, have you ever crammed 5 saltine crackers in your face and searched for the nearest glass with something wet in it to pour down your throat..this was me half through the dog. Bun was dry, the relish on it had minimal flavor or spice and the only good thing about it was the hot dog. 1 out of 5 forks for me...sorry.

Fork in the Road
BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich- read the title correctly. These gods of the fork found a way to combine the world of tender, buttery, bbq goodness with the 8 year old in all of us who loves a creamy, gooey, cheesy grilled cheese samich! This was great and I would order it again. 4 out of 5 forks

Chef Shack
Bison Burger w/ duck egg and Bacon ketchup-
This burger caught my eye because of its uniqueness. Bison burger, bacon ketchup and a duck! (Tommy Boy reference for all you paying attention). This was a messy burger, duck yolk was thick,  but thought it was worth a try for all you looking for the next IT burger. Make sure you have napkins..or for all you mothers, wet wipes work great!  I give it 3.5 forks out of 5

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