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LandandLiving Staff - Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hello Feasters! Welcome back to yet another ridiculously well thought out and in depth report on a another local purveyor of edible creations. This week we head to Minneapolis again, c'mon St Paul, lets step it up, for World Street Kitchens fancy new brick and mortar in uptown. Delectable treats brought to you by the brothers responsible for flavor crushing over at Saffron in downtown....try the octopus. Just reading WSK's menu makes me want to punch you right in the kisser., or maybe its WSK punching you in the face but using flavor as fists. The creations look outstanding but...are they. Lets find out.

Plate O’ Dips

hummus, smoky feta, spiced olive with griddled pita

 I'm more apt to call this the Plate O' holy crap did you make this fresh and do you sell it in the store? Little wordy I know but the dips are dope. Great chewy pita accompanied with 3 very different dips. Creamy, savory to spicy, salty to tangy. Love them. 4 out of 5 forks



Bangkok Burrito 

Korean “BBQ” Beef Short Ribs

flour tortilla stuffed with fried rice, "secret sauce", cilantro and basil

 Holy F-word. A Korean burrito!! This could be one of the best burrito creations i have ever had. Juicy, flavor packed Korean BBQ with fried rice stuffed in a flour tortilla with a special sauce and fresh herbs. Food porn 101.  4.5 out of 5 forks



 Charred Squash & Shiitake Mushrooms Tacos

queso fresco, pumpkin seed


Great taco for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Full of wonderful meatless flavor. Would go great with little strips of steak. Don't leave it off your order and out of your face. 4 out of 5 forks


 Yum Yum Bowl

“La Panza” Caramelized Lamb Belly

our signature dish, steamed rice with

soft cooked egg, peanuts, crunchies

and “secret sauce”

 WSK's version of the Korean favorite Bi Bim Bop. Wonderfully thrown together and then shoved poetically into my yearning mouth. Special sauce makes an appearence likea da sauce. Caramelized lamb belly went perfectly with my belly. It was like the two were seperated at birth. 3.5 out of 5 forks


 Rasta Torta

spicy jerk beef with white cheddar and charred scallion sauce 

 What an original samich. I love unique bites especially ones as diverse as this. Flaky, chewy bread and a charred scallion sauce...what ever that is. Deliciousness at it samichy finest. 4 out of 5 forks


 Sweet Onion Stuffed Falafel “Burger”

with tahini/turkish pickle sauce and

lettuce on a sumac/onion bun


I am not a falafel fan, mainly because it doesn't taste good. Considering they called it burger

I felt obligated to order it.....and man was i right. I am sure it is as good as everything else if your into that whole lets not eat meat/delicious food thing. I just havent met a falafel that I was glad i ordered. Sorry. 2.5 out of 5 forks.


 World Street Kitchen was a very pleasant surprise and i do plan on going back soon. And by soon I mean tomorrow. All the food was good to great. Ideas and flavors that were invented in their kitchen especially for us. I strongly recommend giving it a try. Don't forget to use the bottle of homemade hot sauce they give you.



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